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Small rooms* (bathrooms, kitchens and hallways) $165 GST inc.
Main rooms* (living rooms & bedrooms) $275 GST inc.
(Room size can be determined during the inital consult)

Are countless choices making you feel overwhelmed and you’d like to get an interior design help which won’t break the bank?

Have you got one or more interior areas of your home which are problematic or hard to visualize?

Maybe there’s a vacant area or a naughty corner that still needs it’s purpose?

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Or maybe you have that favourite piece of furniture that you just want to incorporate into it’s perfect surrounding but you don’t know how?

Well then our E-DESIGN might be the right solution for you.


Whether it’s just 1 room or a full house, let us help you visualise the interior of your dreams by creating mood boards, design concepts and even shopping lists fot any peice of furniture, decor or soft furnishinh you might be after.

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